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Posted by shiyam | October 2, 2013

Celebrating Simple Pleasures. It is going to be a year since the journey of foodnflavors began. I have been featured in the National newspaper as UAE's best food photography blog. Food photography has given a sense of peace and has kept feeding the person inside me keep asking 'what next'. All the creative energy has been channeled and it has been a continued learning.

I had met some truly amazing artisans and asked them why food??? With a sparkle in their eyes, for the love of food... Live food! Love food!


I would like to thank my friends and family for the support and my fellow bloggers and inspirations in the UAE Sally (http://mycustardpie.com/), Arva (http://www.iliveinafryingpan.com/), Francine (http://www.lifeinthefoodlane.com/), I would also like to thank Saba, Rajiji, Ishitaji, Sarah Allenby, Marta for your encouragement.

Food we Relish... Flavors we Cherish...

(In Picture: I captured the moods of a busy Halwai (Indian sweet shop) during Diwali. The most busiest season of the year. Suryavanshi had a smile while he had those two plates of kichadi (a mix of rice and dal cooked with spices) the smile moved me, He said 'end of the day we work for this Sirji' and picked up another plate for me. Sharing is caring.)