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Posted by shiyam | August 14, 2015

On the eve of the many years that our Hindustan has been independent for which many visionaries stood united for a purpose. We are in an era where Indian food has reached the avant garde arena.

Indian (origin) chefs have reached the Michelin arena in many countries. The fact is that all these chefs who are celebrities in their own right and have a great ability to expand their business have done so by themselves. These stalwarts are artist in their own right.

The need of the hour is a peer to peer forum where all these chefs share ideas, discuss about trends, innovation etc... The chefs need to take some lessons from the Spaniards and Nordic chefs who have lead the way by doing all the above. As Chef Keller says Mentoring and nurturing talent are the key to the success of his empire.

A humble request all the Indian chefs, across the globe to join hands and create a path of prosperity and leave a legacy for future generations.

Anadhatha sukhi bhava...
Jai Hind!

(Picture: Chef Osvaldo Vitaliani collection of old post cards)