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Posted by shiyam | September 11, 2015

Bread broken down is only four ingredients flour, starter (yeast), water and salt. Time(kneading, proofing) and temperature (humidity and oven spring) gives the most beautiful results. The most rustic and flavorful breads use sourdough starters which act as natural yeast that is present in the atmosphere.
If you feed your starter and keep it live baking bread is the easiest task. Our starter rye flour , apple juice and it has been topped up with orange juice, spelt flour, various beers and juices. Just freeze dry the starter by spreading them on sheet of parchment and you can restart as required. After a couple of feeds your sourdough starter comes back to life.
There is no particular recipe for baking sour dough bread. In a mug mix water and salt add the starter and mix them , take note of the percentage of hydration to that of flour (this is called bakers percentage) and play around. There permutation combination for Artisan breads are endless.
If you are a person who prefers recipes to intuitions a great starting point will be http://www.sullivanstreetbakery.com/ . There are many good baking groups on FaceBook such as Artisan bread bakers, Sour dough bread, Universal bread where expert bakers from around the world share and guide amateur bakers. Make use of these forums to hone your baking skills.
Sour dough is a pure love affair. Hard crusty bread with airy interiors gives them a distinctive flavor profile. Once you bite into a sourdough you are smitten. A thick slab of sourdough bread requires olive oil and sea salt that’s it…. Come break bread with us…