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Posted by shiyam | October 3, 2016

Pizza = base + sauce + topping. That's the first thing that comes in our mind. 

The most loved and popular fast food in the world along with the noodles and hamburger. Convinience at its best. 

Good pizza is a love affair

The Dough has to be kneaded by hand, high gluten flour of choice, sour dough starter or yeast, salt, milk, water and sugar that's it.

Like a secrect whisper start of by placing all the dry ingredients and mix them with your fingers. (If using sour dough starter then mix the salt and flour and then add the starter)

If the weather is cold then add warm water and milk. If it is a warm day then just por them in and knead - coomon sense right? ... if the dough is stiff then add more water you need it to be soft and if the dough is too wiggly thats fine leave it to raise you can fix that later.

Now let the magic happen allow the dough to raise. (leave it in a dark warm place the dough loves it) 

Once the dough has a BIG belly, pick up and drop on a flat surface if too soft add some flour and knock... strech the dough into circles or close to circle.

Pizza dough loves the tender touch of kids as they have a lot of fun get them involved...

The Sauce  fresh tomato sauce is classic.

The Topping fresh mozarella, olive oil, torn basil. That's it. 

The Temperature  pizza base needs high temeprature for short time. At home get the oven hot to about 210-220 C and place the pizza in and 10-12 minutes depending n the size you should have a good hot pizza. 

Imagine sitting by the warmth of a wood fired ovan and the pizziola pulling oou a blistered crust pizza, fresh tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, dizzles olive oil and torn basil, deftly sliced and pushed across to you. Close your eyes and smell the smoke, listen to the crackle and slowly bite into heaven...now that's pizza orgasmica.

Picture : whole wheat pizza base, charred peppers, mozzarella and thyme 

Remember it is all about love! Happy Cooking!