Posted by shiyam | November 12, 2012

Long tapered, rustic conference pears are a welcoming sight to smell winter in the air. Conference pears are largely grown in England. The Conference pear got it its name from its breeder Thomas Francis Rivers who first announced it in the Pear Congress in 1855.

They have a firm texture keep well. They lend themselves to well to baking. Baked pear and cinnamon gallette with freshly whipped cream, Pear scones with Devon shire clotted cream is a winter tea time classic.

Posted by shiyam | November 5, 2012

Sweet Potatoes are a cultivated descendant of a wild plant, remains of the tuber have been found in a cave in Peru 8000 B.C. It is a staple food of the Inca's. Sweet potatoes were introduced to the new world by explorers like Columbus who carried it to Europe from and expedition to Tahiti in 1492.Later the Spaniard took them to Philippines and the Portuguese traders spread it to East Indies and India.

Posted by shiyam | October 26, 2012

Creativity is a word which we listen quite often. As a cook I have been listening to this Mantra for years. Where and when dose the spark comes from has always been a question? You keep pondering working on an idea scribble little notes, wake up in the middle of the night when you are in a subconscious state and say 'Eureka'. Many of us are going through this as we speak.

Posted by shiyam | October 7, 2012

Taste is a pleasurable experience. “Taste is the sense which puts us in contact with savorous or sapid bodies, by means of sensation which they cause in the organ destined to appreciate them.”- Brillat Savarin

Taste memories stick to us for a life time. A bowl of porridge, mom’s chicken noodle soup, the first mac ‘n’cheese are tastes that we revisit time and time again.

Posted by shiyam | October 5, 2012

Food is the basic need for sustenance. Mankind has evolved and developed many trends, yet the classics stick to our heart. Food memories are a part of growing up; it creates a point of reference. Our soul tries to revisit that same memory every time we eat. Our families love for food grows into us. We as humans are social beings, we like to share our food and talk about food.

Food is god
Love for food is spiritual
Approach food with love and tenderness
Healthy food = Healthy mind
Be conscious about what you put into your mouth, sustainable food is the way forward.