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Category: From the grill
Serving: 3-4
Preparation: 0:20

Earthy Portobellos are best during late summer and early fall. Hoisin adds the extra umami and give a charred smoky flavor to the mushrooms.


8 each portobello mushroom
2 tablespoons hoisin sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
to taste salt
to taste pepper


1. Remove the stem and using a tea spoon gently remove the gills from under the mushroom using a circular motion.

2. Peel the layer on top of the mushrooms starting from the edge to the centre.

3. Rinse under running water, pat dry.

4. Place two tablespoons of hoisin sauce, one tablespoon of soy sauce and teaspoon in of seasme oil in a mixing bowl and gently whisk to mix well.(Salt optional as the soy sauce is salty)

5. Place the mushrooms and rub the marinade into the mushroom. Let it marinate for5-10 minutes.

6. Heat a grill over medium high heat. Place the mushroom top side first and grill it till it gets a char grill mark. Turn 90 degree to get a crisscross mark.

7. Grilled portobello mushrooms are ready to be served.

Serving Ideas

Grilled portobello’s are great with sliders.
Cut cubes and toss it into your salads.

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