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Category: Chutneys and dips
Serving: 500g
Preparation: 4 days 20 minutes

Summer is nearing to an end and so are the lovely tomatoes. Preserving the last of these plump and sweet vine ripened tomatoes for Fall/Autumn. This recipe is all about getting the sun dried tomatoes right. The sweet tomatoes along with the buttery macadamia nuts will add a luscious texture and great flavor to your dips, pasta and stews. Enjoy!


Sun dried tomatoes

Vine ripened tomatoes- 1 kg
olive oil- 50 ml
sea salt- to taste
cracked black pepper- to taste
sugar- to tate
thyme- 10 sprigs


sun dried tomatoes- 350g
macadamia nuts- 50g
capers- 20g
extra virgin olive oil- 50ml
sugar- to taste
salt- to taste
lemon rind- 1 tsp (optional)


Sun dried tomatoes

1. Wash, quarter the tomatoes and remove the seeds using your fingers.
2. Place the tomato segments on a tray layered with parchment paper, sprinkle sugar, salt, cracked pepper, thyme leaves and olive oil.
3. Place it in the sun covered with a net and allow them to wilt. ( this process will take 3-4 days if the temperature is 32-38 C). The tomatoes can be oven wilted at 60C for 6-7 hours.

1. Roast the macadamia nuts in a 160C oven for 12-15 minutes.Allow them to cool.
2. In a blender place the sun dried tomatoes, capers, grated Parmesan, olive oil and blend till coarse, add the macadamia nuts, lemon rind and pulse till they form a coarse mixture, add olive oil and blend. Check for seasoning, store the sun dried tomato pesto in air tight containers.

Serving Ideas

Serve as a dip for your favorite breads or a topping for bruschetta. Sip a along with a glass of Sangiovese.

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