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Category: Sides
Serving: 6-8 servings
Preparation: 20 Minutes

pulling fresh carrots is such a pleasure and the smell of fresh earth,memories of edible garden in school. The crunchy celery the silky butternut squash adds a lovely textural and flavor contrast the röstis'. The subtle flavor of wild thyme and butter leaves you wanting for more... An easy side to accompany your eggs,braised dishes and stews this Fall/ Autumn and Winter.

This is a twist to the classic Swiss potato rösti, could be used as a low-carb option. Enjoy!


butternut squash- 300g
butter (unsalted)- 100g (cut into small cubes)
wild thyme- 3-4 sprigs
sea salt- to taste
cracked black pepper- to taste
nutmeg- grate a hint


1.Peel the vegetables, scoop the seeds from butternut squash.
2.Grate the squash and carrot, cut the celery into tiny cubes just to add a crunch and place them in a bowl.
3.Season with thyme leaves,sea salt and a hint of nutmeg mix well.
4.Place a cast iron skillet over slow heat, place spatula and a tray near by.
5.Place small round molds in the pan and spread the mixture into them, top up with two or three small cubes of butter and cook till crisp.
6. Remove the molds and gently place the spatula under the rösti and turn them one by one with swift action, this will ensure they remain whole. (Even if they break bring them together and they will stick) Once both sides are golden outside and soft and buttery inside, remove and serve warm.

Serving Ideas

Serve topped with a dollop of avocado salsa or olive tapenade. A glass of Chateau D' Angles, Le Calp.

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