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Category: Sides
Serving: 6-8
Preparation: 2:00

The smell of smoke transcends you to another world. Wrap these lil spuds onto a foil with a sprinkle of salt and some olive oil and leave them on a corner of your grill from them to slow roast and gain their smoky aroma.

Just a perfect side or warm salad to be enjoyed during the gorgeous weather in UAE. Enjoy!


baby potatoes- 1kg
oyster mushroom- 200g
red belle pepper- 100g
yellow bell pepper- 100g
coriander leaves- a handful
thyme- 3-4 sprigs
sea salt- to taste
cracked pepper- to taste
Sriracha Panich- 3 tbsp


1. Place the baby potatoes on foil season with sea salt and olive oil and wrap them. Poke tiny holes and leave them on charcoal grill for an hour and half, till they shrivel up.
2. Wash the oyster mushrooms multiple times under running water and squeeze them, cut the peppers into bite sized pieces.
3. Place the mushrooms and peppers on a hot grill till they have nice grill marks on all sides. Drizzle olive oil, salt, cracked pepper and some thyme.
4. Place the grilled mushrooms, peppers and smokey spuds in a bowl, drizzle Sriracha Panich on to[p and some fresh coriander leaves. toss and serve along with your grills.

Serving Ideas

Squish the potatoes and place them on sandwiches and wraps. A glass of Zinfandel will make a good pair.

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