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Category: Starters and finger foods
Serving: 2
Preparation: 00:20

Life is all about celebrating simple pleasures, little surprises which we give our loved ones. These easy to make tasty cheese nuggets will certainly add a wow factor to that special moment. Happy Valentines!


semi soft cheese- 250g

flour all purpose- 100g
baking powder- a pinch
salt- to taste
white pepper powder- to taste
water- as required

bread crumb- 200g
salt- to taste
thyme or savory- 4-5 sprigs

sunflower or vegetable oil- 700ml


1. Cut the cheese into bite size wedges. (Use semi soft cheese with a rind like Camembert, Petit Breton, Reblochon de Savoie etc..)

2. In a bowl place the flour, salt, white pepper powder, baking powder and whisk to mix. Gently pour ice cold water and whisk to form a lump free batter. Stick your finger inside to do a quick consistency check, the batter should coat your finger.

3. In a blender place the bread crumb, herb and salt and pulse a couple of times and transfer the crumbs to a bowl.

4. Heat oil to 180C.
5. Place the cheese, batter and herb crumbs in a line. A tray layered with strainer and slotted spoon.
6. Dip the cheese into the batter and shake to remove excess batter, quickly place on the crumbs and coat evenly.Once you have done a few pieces, Fry the nuggets till just golden.
7. Remove and sprinkle and place in a strainer. Serve warm.

Serving Ideas

Serve along with Apricot preserve (http://foodnflavors.com/recipe/134/apricot-preserve) and a sprinkle of smoked sea salt. A glass of rose or bubbly will put you on cloud #9.

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