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Category: Chutneys and dips
Preparation: 4-5 days

Raw mangoes the first sign of summer aka pickle season in India. Green mangoes of all shapes and sizes are pickled. The matriarchs of the family do the meticulous job of pickling. The mangoes are washed, cut, salted, air dried and soaked in a fragrant red chili and spice mixture… the end result absolute divinity… Enjoy!


green raw mangoes- 2kg
salt- 150g
fenugreek seeds- 50g
black mustard seeds- 30g
red chili powder- 100g
gingelly oil (Raw sesame oil)- 50ml
asafetida- 1 tbsp


1.Cut the raw mango pieces into bite sized chunks and remove the seeds.
2.Add salt and place in a container and cover with muslin cloth and leave for a day, once the moisture comes out, place the cut mangoes in a tray and air dry in the shade for two- three days.(pat and remove excess salt)
3.Toast the fenugreek seeds over low heat till they turn a shade darker, allow to cool and make powder in a spice mill.
4.Heat Gingelly oil, add the black mustard seeds once they splutter remove from the heat and add the asafetida and allow the mixture to become warm at this stage add the red chili powder and fenu greek seed powder.
5.Pour the mixture on top of the raw mango cubes and mix well. Place them in a barni (ceramic pot) or a air tight container and keep shaking and turning them for two to three days till the masala penetrates into the mangoes.
a.Pickling is an art, a lot of precision and experience is involved. If the mangoes have too much moisture then they may take a couple of more days to air dry.
b.The spices have to be fresh as they contribute to the flavor of the pickle.
c.Store the pickles in air tight containers in the refrigerator for upto 3 months.

Serving Ideas

The Madrasi in me always craves for thayir sadham (soft cooked rice with youghurt ande a tempering of mustard and curry leaves)

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