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Category: Mains
Serving: 2 servings
Preparation: 45 minutes

Every year we celebrate the produce of spring, the first shoots of asparagus,new potatoes, baby green peas, fava beans, spring greens, garlic the list goes on. Spring is such a wonderful season for a cook. This recipe is an ode to a simple cooking and how we can bring different textures on the plate. When produce is at its prime less is more. Enjoy!


Boiled Vegetables
asparagus- 10-12 spears
new potatoes- 5-6 pieces
avocado- 1/2 each
rosemary- 1 sprig
garlic- 2 pods
sea salt- to taste
cracked pepper- to taste

Garlic and Parsley Bread Crumb
fresh bread crumbs- 1/2 cup
butter salted (or) olive oil- 2 tbsp
garlic chopped- 3-4 pods
parsley- 1 cup
sea salt- to taste
cracked pepper- to taste
lemon rind - 1 lemon

Feta and buttermilk drizzle
feta cheese- 100g
butter milk (or) laban- 1/2 cup
EVOO- a generous drizzle


Boiled Vegetables

1. Place a pot of water add crushed garlic pods,a sprig of rosemary and sea salt.
2. Put the new potatoes in them and bring them to a slow simmer 15-20 minutes, run a small knife right at the center to check if they are cooked. Remove the potatoes and cool at room temperature.
2. Cut the bottom to about an inch and trim the asparagus spears and tie them with a kitchen string or rubber band.
3. Bring the water to boil and put the bunch of asparagus into the water. Keep a bowl of ice cold water next to the cooking range, using a tong take the asparagus bunch outside at the count of 15 and see the back the center has to be translucent if not drop the bunch back in the water and count 10. They will be done by now. Plunge the bunch into ice cold water.
(Note: this technique is called shocking this prevents the vegetable from cooking further and remains crisp and crunchy)

Garlic and Parsley bread crumb
4. In a shallow pan place butter or olive oil, add the garlic and heat slowly, keep stirring this will ensure that the chopped garlic will have an even brown color, add the bread crumbs and brown them a shade darker.
5. Cool the bread crumb mixture and place them in a blender, put a handful of parsley, some sea salt and cracked pepper and give a pulse or two till the leaves become smaller, add the lemon zest and give a final pulse and remove in a cup.

Feta and butter milk drizzle
6. In a bowl crumble the feta into chunks add the butter milk and whisk to combine.


7. Pat dry the asparagus and place them on a plate, halve the new potatoes length wise and slice the avocados and arrange them on the plate, Generously drizzle EVOO, sea salt, cracked pepper and the garlic and parsley crumbs inside the avocado, feta and buttermilk on the asparagus and ejoy the colors, textures and flavors and the plate.

Serving Ideas

Asparagus is quite a tough one to pair with wines because of the strong vegetal taste, A GrĂ¼ner Veltliner or a Relisling from Alsace should be a good pair.

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