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Category: Mains
Serving: 2 portions
Preparation: 30 minutes

Soft poached eggs on a bed of warm vegetables, topped with buttery garlic and parsley crumbs, a mig of hot chocolate dusted with cinnamon, FT Weekend read. Now we are talking hearty breakfast... In this recipe we will look at some of the techniques to make a perfectly poached eggs. We are lucky to have a fewmore days of good weather in the UAE even as the mercury raises you will be able to quickly whip up this gourmet breakfast on deuring the wekkends. Enjoy!


Vegetable Hash
new potatoes- 200g
baby carrots- 100g
asparagus- 6 spears
thyme or rosemary- 1 sprig
sea salt- to taste
cracked pepper- to taste
evoo- generous drizzle

Poached eggs
Water- 1 liter
white vinegar- 2-3 cap fulls
fresh eggs - 4 nos (broken in sperate bowls)

Garlic and parsley crumb

Refer spring on a plate recipe


Vegetable hash

1. Put a cast iron skillet on slow heat, Cut potatoes into bite sized chunks, add olive oil to the skillet, place a sprig of thyme or rosemary.
2. Place the potatoes,baby carrots and sprinkle sea salt and cracked pepper, slow roast for 15-20 minutes, keep turning them at regular intervals for vegetables to crisp evenly.
3. Add blanched asparagus towards the end.
(potatoes are a must for a hash, the rest is of your choice and cut them the way you like)

Poached eggs
4. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add two to three cap fills of white vinegar.
(Note: the vinegar helps to coagulate the albumen in the egg whites faster)
5. Break the fresh eggs into seperate bowls.
6. Keep a tray layered with kitchen towel and slotted spoon.
7. Gently swirl the eggs one by one into the boiling water and wait for about 20-30 seconds.
8. Once the white starts to firm up lift the eggs one at a time using slotted spoon and place them on the kitchen towel layered tray to remove the water.
9. Place the poached eggs on a bed of vegetable hash,top with garlic and parsley crumbs and serve.

Garlic and Parsley crumb recipe link:

A small video on how to poach eggs

Serving Ideas

a mug of hot chocolate.
This could also be served cold as a salad.

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