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Category: Drinks
Serving: 5-6 portions
Preparation: 3-4 hours

the rattling sound of diesel powered generators on street sides during summers is an inviting sign of a sugar cane juice stall. The slender green and yellow canes are fed into the crusher with pieces of ginger and lime, a few chunks of spooky looking ice (as most of us would fall sick because of the ice as the water source is dubious)was a summer ritual. In front of our school our chuski or gola ice uncle used to give us these sugarcane snow more like a slush in small glasses, a memory that has remained through the years.
Fast forward all these years we have a sugarcane juice stall in Sharjah. Very close to Mina bazar, as the temperatures go up there needs to be some thing familiar to quench the thirst. Add a dash of Cachaça to give a tipsy twist. Enjoy!


sugarcane juice- 1 liter
ginger- 1 inch piece
lime juice - 60ml
Cachaça - 120ml

sugar cane sticks (5-6 inch pieces)-5-6 each
lime roundels- 12- 15 pieces
mint sprigs- 5-6 pieces
salt (for the rim) - optional


1.In a blender place the sugarcane juice, lemon juice and ginger piece ,Cachaça and pulse a couple of times.
2. Pour the mixture into an ice cream machine and churn till they look snow like (15- 20 minutes)
(if there is no ice cream machine then pour into cups and set in freezer, keep stirring at frequent intervals till the mixture reaches a snow or slush like consistency)

3. In small glasses, salt the rim, place 2-3 pieces of the thinly sliced lime roundels, put a sugar cane stick and a fresh sprig of mint. Voila!
Leave them over night in the glasses they will become bozzy Popsicle.

Serving Ideas

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