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Category: Chutneys and dips
Serving: 500 grams
Preparation: 50 minutes

Supple Turkish figs and intensely sweet grapes from Egypt are in season. Compote is an easy way to preserve their flavors and also enjoy their texture. The flavors of the fruits are so earthy and subtle all you need is a sweet spice to complement them. Celebrate Summer and Early Fall!


figs- 250g
grapes black (seedless)- 200g
dark brown sugar- 2 tbsp
vanilla pod- 1/2 inch piece
all spice powder- 1 pinch


1. Cut the figs into quarters, pluck the grapes from their stem, wash and pat dry.
2. In a heavy bottom pan ,place all the ingredients and cover with a lid that fixes exactly so that the moisture remains inside.
3. Allow the fruit to soften for 20-25 minutes, the moisture will make it look a little watery.
(Note: ensure the pot is on slow heat and ensure the fruits texture remain intact, this will contribute to the eating experience)
4. Remove the lid and allow the moisture to evaporate. Cool and store compote for 2-3 weeks in an air tight container.

Serving Ideas

Rustic baguette, fig and grape compote and Stilton, perfect canape anytime of the day.

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