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Category: Desserts
Serving: one 8 inch cake
Preparation: 2 hours

spongy cake with the fragrance of khoya (condensed solidified milk) and subtle hint of cardamom. Every bite leaves you wanting more. This is Harini Ma'am recipe she is super baker and blogger https://ladlesandwhisks.wordpress.com/. These cakes are a synonymous to the Irani cafes of Mumbai. Soft and luscious... There are some important tips from the recipe owner that you might want to take note... Happy Baking!


flour all purpose (maida)- 230 g
corn flour- 30g
baking powder- 1tsp
salt- a pinch
cardamom powder- to taste 1-2 tsp
vanilla extract- 1 tsp optional
mawa (or) khoya- 200g
egg-3 each
almonds blanched - 10-15 pieces


1. In a stand mixer cream the butter, sugar and mawa till soft and fluffy.
(note: make sure the ingredients are in room temperature)
2. Add the cold eggs one at a time.
(note: if it curdles a bit don't bother the mixture will come along once you add the dry ingredients)
3. Sift the flour, corn flour, baking powder and salt a couple of times.
(note: If it is cake cake flour then use 260g)
4. Fold the dry ingredients and add the cardamom powder according to your taste.
5. Line an 8 inch pan with butter and parchment paper on the bottom and on the side.
6. Pour the mixture into the pan and place blanched almonds on top.
7.Bake at 180C pre heated oven for 50 minutes an hour. Check and bake for a another 10 minutes if required.
(note: cover the top of the pan after 45 minutes to have a good crust color)

Serving Ideas

Cutting chai is classic.
Bake them as cup cakes and serve topped with a tandai frosting.
Khoya or mawa will be available in Indian supermarkets.

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