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Category: Desserts
Serving: 3-4 fat brekpops
Preparation: freeze overnight

Breakfast smoothies turns Popsicle, lets call these breksicles or brekpops... Weekends are the best to experiment as I have the time to play around. I had some perfectly ripe avocados and was travelling the next day, a quick pulse of the avocados along with some buttermilk and jaggery. Emptied the creamy smoothie into some empty glasses covered them air tight and stuck Popsicle stick and popped them into the freezer. A week later when I was back. They were perfectly green and frozen...

Black sesame has a nutty aroma and a mild bitter after taste which compliments the buttery avocado. Jaggery adds subtle sugary note...


avocado- 3 fruits (perfectly ripe)
buttermilk- 200ml
jaggery sugar-2-3 tbsp

Sesame Brittle

black sesame- 100g
jaggery sugar- 50g
water- 1-2 tbsp
neutral oil- to smear on tray


1. place all the ingredients in a blender and make a smoothie. Pour into small glass or Popsicle molds and freeze over night.

Sesame Brittle

1. In a tray smear neutral flavored oil (sunflower, ricebran or grapeseed) and set aside.
2. Wash and pat dry black sesame on a cheese cloth. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the towel to absorb the water.
3. Pan roast the dried sesame over low heat till start to pop and release their nutty aroma. Set aside to cool.
4. In a pan over medium heat place jaggrey sugar and a water and stir till the jaggrey sugar melts, keep stirring till it reaches a single string consistency.
5. Add the toasted sesame seeds and mix, remove and pour on to the tray and flatten. Allow to cool and break the brittle into pieces.

Heat a pan of water dip the Popsicle and remove them from the mold,

Serving Ideas

sprinkle some brittle and enjoy a hot summer brekpop...

Jaggrey is raw sugar that comes in block and powdered form. It is widely available in Indian stores. It is a good alternative to white sugar.
Same with black sesame.

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