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Category: Desserts
Serving: 3 liters of ice cream
Preparation: 45 minutes 6-8 hours of freezing

What better way to celebrate to celebrate foodnflavors turning 5. The journey of nurturing the blog has become a way of life. Coming across many inspirations be it styling and photography. Sharing recipe ideas the food bloggers community has been extremely supportive and encouraging.

I was discussing the idea of making gulab jamuns for Diwali and Kulsumji came up with the idea of a Rooh Afza Icecream. Milk based sweets are popular during this time in India. Rooh Afza sherbet is made with this rose and herb flavored syrup and so is chuski (shaved ice cones), having a sherbet or chuski from the rediwala (street vendor) after school and popping out the tongue to compare who's tongue has more color... brings me back memories of childhood.

A simple three ingredient recipe. I used an icecream churner Kitchen aid fixture to test one batch and another batch was made with mixing all the ingredients straight in a bowl. The Kitchenaid churner ice cream had a slight textural difference.

I would like to take a moment to thank the artisans who taught me how to make gulab jamuns these are soft and easy to make. Please click here for the recipe http://foodnflavors.com/recipe/43/gulab-jamuns-golden-goodness

Happy Diwali!

Lessons Learnt


elle and vire whipping cream- 1 liter
milk maid (sweetened condensed milk)- 800g
Rooh Afza syrup- 250ml


1.Chill the kitchenaid mixing bowl and whisk for an hour.
2.Freeze the kitchenaid ice cream churner bowl and fixture overnight. (optional)
3. Whisk chilled whipping cream in speed four for 5 minutes and gradually increase speed till there is a stiff peak.(10-12 minutes)
(gradual increase of speed will incorporate air into the cream)
4. The cream will almost double in quantity.
5. If using a kitchen aid bowl and churner place in the base unit and add the milk maid (sweetened condensed milk)and 800g of cream and churn for 25-30 minutes.
(This batch has a better texture than the straight mixing method)
6. Transfer the mix to a bowl and fold in more whipped cream and Rooh Hafza syrup (to taste)

7. Fold in the milk maid (Sweetened condensed milk) into the whipped cream add the Rooh Afza syrup, transfer to container and chill.

Serving Ideas

warm gulab jamuns and Rooh Afza ice cream is bliss...
drizzle some syrup on top to create the ripple effect.

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