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Category: Chutneys and dips
Serving: 120-150g
Preparation: 2 hours

Chettinadu the land of the Chettiars is nestled in the heart of Tamilnadu the land of the Tamil speaking people. Chettiars are trader community and they have traveled far and wide for trading since ancient times. They have bought back spices in exchange of goods which has been put into best use in their distinctive cuisine.

Chettinad masala is a perfect blend of 15 to 18 spices. Each and every spices is toasted just enough to bring our the essential oil and aromas... Slow toasting is the key as the spice blend will become bitter if toasted on high heat. Enjoy this fragrant masala in curries along with a good flaky parotta or ladled of steamed rice.


coriander seeds- 40g
black peppercorn- 20g
poppy seeds- 10g
star anise- 3-4 each
cinnamon- 1 inch piece
cardamom green- 5-6 pods
cardamom black- 2 pods
cloves- 8-10 each
triphal- 2-3 each
java long pepper- 3-4 each
lichen (pathar ka phool)- 10g
fennel seeds (saunf)- 10g
cumin seeds- 10g
bay leaf- 2-3 leaves
red chili whole- 4-5 nos
mace- 2 blades


1. Place a cast iron skillet over slow heat and start with the hard spices in the given order. (coriander seeds,black peppercorn,poppy seeds,
star anise,cinnamon,cardamom green,cardamom black, cloves, triphal, java long pepper) this should take 15-20 minutes. Kepp stiring trough out for even heat distribution and toasting.
2. Continue adding the soft spices (lichen (pathar ka phool),fennel seeds (saunf),cumin seeds,bay leaf,red chili whole, mace) this should take 8-10 minutes.
3. Cool the spices completely and blend in a spice mill to a fine powder.
4. Storage: air tight container- 2-3 months. Vacuum bag 8 months to a year.

Note: ensure that the spices are slow toasted and cooled completely before blending.

Serving Ideas

Chettinad curries
Marinade - warm a little oil and add a few teaspoons of the Chettinad masala and cook for a few minutes to reduce the raw flavor of spice. Use on roasted vegetables and meats.

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