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Category: Desserts
Serving: 8-10 posicles
Preparation: 20 minutes 4-5 hours to freeze

Fragrant Lebanese sour cherries and watermelon epitomize summer in the Middle East. I did a huge batch cherry compote and found some super sugary watermelon and the flavor pairing part of the brain started to tick... Tasted both the watermelon and the cherry compote and the sweet and sour combo was irresistible... So this Popsicle was born as i remembered the paletas (Mexican Popsicle) which i has tasted in the Latin parts of LA. They have whole fruit chunks which gives a good mouth feel.
The raw cane sugar (jaggrey) is a good source of sugar which adds a subtle earthy flavor.


cherry compote- 100 - 120g
watermelon chunks- 100g
watermelon juice- 250- 300 ml
jaggrey sugar- 2 tbsp
salt- a pinch


1. Wish in jaggrey sugar and a pinch of salt into the watermelon juice.
2. Lay the Popsicle molds and fix with wooden stick.
3. Layer cherry compote, water melon chunks as you like.
4. Pour the water melon juice, place in a tray and freeze, demold and enjoy fresh paletas...

Serving Ideas

add a dash of Midori or kirsch to make boozy pops

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