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Category: Sides
Serving: 2-3
Preparation: 00:20

Tender green Brussels sprouts is a welcoming sign and what better time could this be a perfect side to your roast turkey for thanksgiving...The caramelized flavor of brussels sprouts complements the crunchy granny smith wedges,slow cooked in sage butter and fresh thyme sprigs. Heaven on earth!


brussels sprouts- 300gm
royal gala apples - 1 each
sage butter - 1 tbsp
thyme-3-4 sprigs
garlic- 3 cloves
olive oil - 1 tbsp
cider vinegar- 2 tsp
sea salt- to taste
cracked black pepper- to taste

Sage Butter
sage leaves - a handfull
salted butter - 400gm


1.Clean the brussels sprouts by removing the outer leaves and trimming the stem. Wash under running cold water. Pat dry.
2. Cut them lengthwise into quarters.
3. Wash and cut the royal gala into wedges.
4. Heat olive oil in a cast iron pan over medium flame place the brussels sprouts and crushed garlic cloves, place the royal gala wedges on the sides of the pan you wan them to cook just enough to remain crunchy.
5. Season generously with sea salt and cracked black pepper. Once the sprouts take a caramelized hue turn them around, add a table spoon of sage butter and a few sprigs of thyme and cook till just done.
6. A splash of cider vinegar while warm will add the punch.

Sage Butter
1. Melt butter over medium flame in a thick bottomed pan once it starts to brown add a handful of sage leaves and remove.
2.Cool and store in a air tight container for months...

Serving Ideas

Serve along with classic roast turkey for Thanks giving.
Glass of Zinfandel or Buttery Chardonnay will be a perfect pair.
Left overs can be tossed into a salad.

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