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Category: Sides
Serving: 4-5
Preparation: 1:00

Probably the most ugly looking root. Elephant yam played an important role in as a source of carbohydrate in many countries around the world. The consumption of yams as a staple food went down with the advent of sweet potatoes.

This is a simple yet flavorful recipe which I have adapted from my school canteen. Remembering Wednesdays when we used get these tasty, tangy, spicy bites...


yam (suran)- 700g
curry leaves- 10 each
fennel seeds- 5g
vegetable or gingelly oil- 50ml

ginger - 30g (1" piece)
garlic- 30 g (4-5 cloves)
black peppercorn- 10g
tamarind pulp- 60g
red chili powder- 5g
turmeric powder- 5g
salt- to taste


1. Wash peel and cut the yam into bite sized chunks. Rinse them in running water and pat dry.


2. In a small blender place the peeled ginger, garlic pods, black peppercorn, tamarind pulp, blend them into a coarse paste.
3. Place the yam in a bowl and pour the marinade on top, add the turmeric and chilli powder, season and mix well. Allow to marinate for 10-15 minutes.
4. Heat a thick bottom pan or a cast iron skillet over low heat, give a generous pour of vegetable or gingelly (raw sesame)oil, once hot add the fennel seeds(saunf), once they pop, add the marinated yam and cook gently turning it so that it crisps evenly.
5. Add a hand full of curry leaves and allow it to crisp, while the yam is 3/4th done.
6. Once the yam is crisp outside, nice and soft inside serve hot.

Serving Ideas

eaten along with rice and rasam a classic South Indian meal.
Wrap it in your favorite flat bread along with some crisp onions and chutney.

* Gingelly oil (raw sesame oil) is a staple in South Indian cooking. It should be available in the Indian grocery stores.

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