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Category: Breads
Serving: 8-12
Preparation: 1:30

the smell for doughnuts (Berliners) filled with jam, dusted with sugar is a food memory that I cherish. The last thing to be arranged on the pastry buffet in a hotel are these golden goodies, my baker friends always exchange these with me for some soft clouds of scrambled eggs. After all sharing is caring...

This is Aparnaji's Recipe. She is an amazing baker who bakes without eggs and a her passion for photography is a visual feast.


superfine sugar- 1/4 cup
warm milk - 1 cup
active dry yeast- 1 tbsp
salt- 1/2 tsp
vanilla extract - 2 tsp
all-purpose flour - 2 1/2 cups
cold butter - 100g (cut into 1" cubes)

filling and topping
raspberry jam/ icing sugar


1. Sift flour and salt and set it aside.
2. Heat milk till just luke warm, add the sugar, yeast and vanilla extract and stir till sugar dissolves.
4. Place the milk in a mixing bowl, with a hook fixture.
5. Slowly work in the flour to form a soft dough, add the butter cubes one at a time until all the butter blends into the dough.
6. Place the dough on a table and knead, cover the dough with wet towel and rest in a warm place for an hour or till, double in size.
7. Knock the dough flat with a rolling pin and cut small rounds 20-30g each, shape the remaining dough and repeat the process.
8. Rest the Berliners on a greased baking tray for 20-25 minutes. Bake in a 200C preheated oven for 10 minutes.
10. Take a pipping bag with a small tipped nozzle, put in a few spoons of your favorite jam and fill the Berliners, dust with icing sugar or cinnamon sugar and serve

Serving Ideas

Cuppa of coffee of choice... Classic!

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