The Dairy, Cheese & Eggs category contains the full product weight of a food product that is made from Real Food. This includes cheeses and eggs & egg substitutes which are Kosher, Lactose-Free, Local, Omega-3 Added, Organic, Shelf Stable. When you buy from the Dairy, Cheese & Eggs category, you are buying the best of the real thing. And, that’s fresh eggs and cheeses, all made from Real Foods. The Dairy, Cheese & Eggs category includes a wide variety of foods including milk, cheese, and eggs. These are available to shoppers in different varieties that vary greatly in salt, fat, and cholesterol content.

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From milk to yogurt and everything in between, this category contains the full product weight of high-quality food products. We bring you dairy, cheese, and egg products that are local, lactose-free or organic. This includes dairy and egg products such as milk cow, yogurt, butter, and more! The category’s breadth is immense – we speak to the heart of Real Food, including the most popular products like eggs and cheese. In addition, this category includes our very popular Frozen Dairy & Frozen Soft Cheese offerings.

We stock a large variety of fresh dairy, cheese, and eggs to fit any occasion. We go out of our way to find the highest quality producers and we are dedicated to delivering you the freshest dairy products available. Real food. Full nutrition. That’s what you always expect from our products.