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10 Pack of Mr. Big Chocolate Bars 600g/60g Each BAR The Great Taste of Canada Chocolate bar


Satisfy that sweet tooth with this decadent treat
Enjoy a mouthful of creamy Cadbury chocolate and crispy goodness in each bite
Delicious Cadbury chocolate coats caramel, peanuts and rice crisps


Cadbury MilkChocolate is well-known for being the creamiest and most delicious chocolate experience. 

That’sBecause of the delicious taste of milk in every chocolate bar.

ImportedFrom Canada.

SatisfyThis decadent treat will satisfy that sweet tooth
EnjoyA mouthful of creamy CadburyEach bite contains chocolate and crispy goodness
Delicious CadburyChocolate coats caramel, peanuts, and rice crispys
OneHere are the top twelve best-selling bars Canada
MadeIn Canada

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