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10ct. Pomegranate Raspberry Lollipop Bag (Pomegranate Raspberry) Price: $12.00 (as of 10/04/2023 17:17 PST- Details)

AN ANYWHERE TREAT: Great for just about every occasion! The perfect road trip companion, purse-filler, kid-pleaser, party-filler, and rewarding treat for all ages. Original Gourmet Lollipops are sure to make you Choose to Smile
UNIQUE PROCESS: Each Original Gourmet Lollipop is gravity-poured, which creates that clean, smooth outer layer with no air bubbles and plastic sticks that are sure not to get soggy with continuous use. Not to mention each Lollipop is beautifully swirled which makes them a delight just to look at. Each lollipop is also individually wrapped, which makes them the perfect treat for on-the-go lifestyles.
BENEFITS: Original Gourmet Lollipops are large (31g!) enough that they have been tried and tested to last a whole hour of continuous sucking. Beloved by many, these lollipops are guaranteed to bring back nostalgic memories with their true to flavor taste!


Pomegranate Raspberry:

Flavor NameOur 10-count Pomegranate Raspberry

IntroducingBag! Pomegranate RaspberryThis is just one of many top-selling flavors. ThisFor party favors, on the go treats, resale, and many other uses. PerfectYou can also choose 26 other mouthwatering confections. YouLolli-ful flavor is gluten-free and peanut free. Each.Kosher

For almost every occasion! GreatThe perfect companion for any road trip, whether you’re looking for a purse-filler, kid-pleaser, party-filler or reward treat for everyone, this bag is it. TheYou will be amazed at the results. Original Gourmet LollipopsTo Choose
UNIQUE PROCESS SmileIt is gravity-poured, which creates a smooth outer layer without air bubbles or plastic sticks. This ensures that it will not get soggy over time. Each Original Gourmet LollipopEach of these should be mentioned NotThey are stunningly swirled and a delight to behold. LollipopLollipops are also individually wrapped, making them the ideal treat for people who are constantly on the move.
BENEFITS Each are large (31g!) They are large (31g!) Original Gourmet LollipopsThese lollipops will bring back many memories with their authentic flavor!
FREE OF: BelovedAre Original Flavors? Kosher-Peanut? Free, Dairy Free. Vegan 120 calories per every long-lasting lollipop!
MANY PURPOSES OnlyWe have received many stories from fans and customers who shared their stories about the many ways that our products helped them. WeThey have been there for them in tough times. LollipopsTo help with weight loss and quitting smoking, as well as easing jittery tendencies. FromWe take pride in our products and strive to make high-quality products.

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