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2-Pack Lyons Raspberry Designer Dessert Sauce and Ice Cream Topping plus Applicator Tip


2 Pack with Designer Tip
Products come already packed in squeeze bottles
No need to transfer products from cans to condiment bottles


Lyons Raspberry Designer Dessert Sauce2 Pack with DesignerTip for more intricate designs DoWhat the great dessert chefs do: DazzleUse a fancy sauce to dress up your desserts. A swirl of dessert glaze transforms desserts, adding both flavor and appeal. PerfectThis fancy dessert sauce can transform an ice cream scoop into a masterpiece. FromThis versatile sauce is great for any occasion, from breakfast to dessert to drinks. LetUse your imagination to create delicious desserts and other dishes. TheseProfessional sauces are used in fine restaurants and aren’t available in stores. MadeBy LyonsSuppliers of ingredients to fine restaurants or bakeries.

2 PackWith Designer Tip
ProductsSqueeze bottles already packed
NoTransfer products from cans into condiment bottles
EasyUse it quickly at wait staff stations.
Raspberry Flavored ProfessionalSauce used in fine restaurants

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