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24 Karat Mee Mee Premium Baby Grooming Care Set, Yellow


Clean your baby’s teeth and gums and ensure no deposits are left behind
Stainless-steel blades, the nail clipper has smooth edges with slight sharpness to safely trim nails.
Soft bristles of the easy grip brush help to untangle your baby’s hair gently without pulling at it or damaging the fine hair strands.


LookingWith the mee mee grooming set, good comes easily TheKit includes a tooth and gum cleaning finger brush with soft grip, a soft grip comb, and a hair brush. Also included is a nail clipper with easy grip, and soft nozzle nasal aspirator. TheYou and your baby will have a pleasant and safe grooming experience with ergonomically designed products

CleanMake sure your baby has healthy gums and teeth.
StainlessThe nail clipper features a steel blade with a smooth edge and slight sharpness that allows you to safely trim your nails.
SoftThe bristles of the easy grip toothbrush help untangle baby’s hair without pulling or damaging the fine hair strands.
MedicalThe soft silicone tip of this nose cleaner is flexible and can be adjusted to fit the nostrils of your baby without causing discomfort.
EasyUseful for children

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