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ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Bars – Coconut Chocolate Almond – 12 Count, 1.98oz Bars – Vegan, Low Sugar, Gluten…


Box contains 12 – 1.98 ounce USDA organic coconut chocolate almond plant based protein bars
14 grams of USDA organic plant-based protein, 6g of Fiber, only 4g of Sugar, Nothing Artificial
Seriously great tasting, Vegan, Non-GMO, gluten free snacks, Kosher, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Stevia-Free, High Fiber and Paleo Friendly


AtALOHA believes that plants are the ultimate source for nourishment and that real food should be easy to access. So when you’re looking for a great tasting, organic, plant-based protein boost, we’ve got you covered. ALOHA protein bars are made with simple, organic ingredients and are packed with the nutrients your body needs: protein, iron fiber, healthy fats, and fiber. With 14g clean protein and only 4g of natural sugar, ALOHA’s protein bars are the perfect, healthy snack to tide you over. OurThe plant-based protein in ALOHA’s USDA is carefully selected. It is made from a mix of organic brown rice and organic pumpkin seed. This gives you steady energy to get through the day without the worry of a sugar crash. ALOHA’s USDA Certified OrganicProducts made from plants are Vegan Certified? Non-GMO Project VerifiedContains no gluten, soy, lactose, dairy, stevia, or other animal products. Kosher Certified. ALOHA makes sure that you have a delicious, nutritious snack or meal substitute that you can enjoy without any hesitation. AllOur protein bars and products are made without artificial ingredients and contain no sugar alcohol sweeteners. We know that how you feel and what you eat are closely connected. ALOHA’s organic, plant-based Coconut Chocolate AlmondProtein bars are made with a small number of whole-food organic ingredients that are delicious and easy to understand. These include organic chocolate chips, organic coconut, almonds, organic roasted pumpkin seed, organic brown rice protein and organic vanilla extract. The perfect protein bar for when you’re between meetings, warming up for the gym (or cooling down!Whether you’re on the road, stopping for a snack, or looking for a healthy, quick option at home, this protein bar is perfect. TheYou are no longer searching for a satisfying, healthy snack. Instead, you can relax and enjoy ALOHA protein bars.

BoxIncludes 12 – 1.98 ounces USDA organic coconut chocolate almond plant based proteins bars
14 grams of USDA organic plant protein, 6g FiberOnly 4g Sugar? Nothing Artificial
SeriouslyGreat tasting Vegan? Non-GMO? gluten free snacks, Kosher, Soy-Free? Dairy-Free? Stevia-Free? High FiberAnd Paleo Friendly
MadeFor a healthy lifestyle, 100% whole food ingredients are required. Organic brown rice protein, organic pumpkin seeds protein, and nothing artificial.
Delicious option for vegetarians, celiacs, vegans, and those who follow paleo diets. MakesIt’s a great snack, meal replacement, or breakfast on the run. It also helps to fuel and refuel before/post exercise.

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