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Alter Eco, Truffles Chocolate Velvet Single Organic, 0.42 Ounce


Made with pure coconut oil
99.97% organic certified ingredients, 81% Fair Trade certified ingredients, minimum 39% cocoa
Non-GMO project verified, no artificial flavors, gluten-free


TheSweet, rich, delicious goodness that we all love can be more than just good for us. WeWe set out to create the most amazing, extravagant, and unforgettable chocolate experience ever: The Truffle GivenThe combination of cacao and superfood coconut oils creates a creamy center. This is the perfect compliment to dark chocolate rich in antioxidants. TheDark milk chocolate is rich and delicious Dark Velvet TruffleIts color reflects the rainforest it hails AcopagroThe edge of the Peruvian AmazonIt is home to the world’s richest soil, and the shade of the forests canopy provide the ideal environment for native cacao

MadePure coconut oil
Organic Certified Ingredients, 99.97% Fair TradeMinimum 39% cocoa, certified ingredients
Non-GMO project verified, no artificial flavors, gluten-free

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