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Anderson’s Dark Amber Maple Syrup, Grade A, 32 Ounce (Frustration-Free Packaging)


Grade A Dark Amber Maple syrup is not too strong and not too weak
Store In Cool Dry Place
Amber Maple Syrup,Grade A


FrustrationA dark syrup has a balanced flavor that is great for topping pancakes, waffles and french toast or as a glaze on meat. Free PackagingMost people love dark robust syrup for its pleasant flavor.

This GradeIt is a balanced syrup that is both strong and weak, giving you just the right amount maple flavor. WeOur family’s 90-years of experience and IMSIs guarantee for purity will ensure that you get a high quality product every time.Considered Table GradeA The AndersonSyrup should not be too strong or too weak

Grade.Dark Amber MapleA
Store In Cool Dry Place
Amber Maple Syrup2 GradeIn Storage Life Plastic-Years

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