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Apple & Eve 100% Juice, Apple, 6.75 Fl Oz (Pack of 40)

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Apple & Eve 100% juice boxes are made with honest ingredients and have the juicy goodness kids love. Available in bulk and in prime pantry
Apple and Eve individual juice boxes are perfect for kids school lunch, school snack, or to take on the go
Apple & Eve 100% fruit juice has no sugar added, gluten free and is a healthier alternative to sugary kids drinks



Flavor Name:Apple

WhetherYou can be at home or on-the-go, Apple& Eve100% Juice AppleThe healthy choice for convenience and taste. TheAmazing apple flavor is rich in vitamin A, calcium fortified, as well as without added sugars. PerfectFor homes, cafes, lunchboxes, restarants and cafes Apple& Eve100% Juice AppleIt is a delicious and healthy juice that can be enjoyed in any environment. AndThere’s even more good news: Research has shown that apples and apple cider can improve mental acuity and prevent asthma. SoEvery glass of 100% can be a source of good health. Apple& Eve Apple Juice. StartingIn 1975, the idea was to provide families across the globe with the hope of providing them with a better life. AmericaWith healthier, better-for-you juices Apple& EveContinues to be proud and humbled by being invited into the homes and serving our delicious juices to millions of families.

Apple& Eve100% juice boxes are made from real ingredients and contain the delicious goodness that kids love. AvailableIn bulk and prime pantry
Apple EveIndividual juice boxes are great for school lunches, snacks, and to take on the move.
Apple& Eve100% fruit juice is sugar-free, gluten-free, and a healthier option to sugary drinks for kids.
All Apple& EveProducts are made with peanut-free machinery. They are the perfect snack for children to share in the classroom, on field trips, or at birthday parties.
Apple& EveJuice is high in calories. SeeNutrition facts for calorie content and sugar content
Each6.75oz Apple& EveJuice box contains 1.5 portions of non-GMO certified fruit
NaturallySweetened without any added sugars, preservatives, or high fructose corn sirup
Apple& Eve100% juice is a good source for vitamin C
Includes40 6.75 fl oz Apple100% Juice Boxes

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