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Baby Bellies Organic Round-a-bouts Baby Individual Snack Packs, Sweetcorn, Pack of 6 Price: $15.65 (as of 03/04/2023 15:45 PST- Details)

Organic Sweetcorn Snacks: These organic soft puffed corn snacks are sprinkled with sweetcorn and melt easily in the mouth to encourage safe self-feeding; Suitable for children from 7 months of age
Age-appropriate: These snacks are specially designed to support natural child progression, helping encourage palate and motor skill development so parents can naturally nurture happy little people
Food Discovery: Our Baby Bellies range is for babies from 7 months and up (Tasty Textures) and 10+ months (More to Explore); They’re perfect for the early stages of a life-long food discovery journey


DeliciouslyFor safe self-feeding, enjoy crunchy organic corn snacks topped with sweetcorn. IdealFor the first stage of snacking. Organic.

Organic Sweetcorn Snacks: TheseOrganic soft puffed corn snacks are sprinkled sweetcorn and melt easily in your mouth to encourage safe self-feeding. SuitableFor children starting at 7 months of age
Age-appropriate TheseSnacks are specifically designed to support natural development of children, encouraging motor skill development and palate stimulation so parents can nurture happy little people.
Food Discovery: Our Baby BelliesThis range is for babies up to 7 months old (Tasty Textures) and 10+ months (MoreTo Explore); They’rePerfect for the beginning stages of a life-long journey to discover food
Exploring First Foods: Our Baby SnacksIntroduce subtle new flavors and textures to your baby, with soft shapes that are easy for them to hold in their tiny hands. This will help them develop motor skills.
Natural Certified Organic: WeMake sure babies and toddlers eat the best foods possible. OurSnacks are all natural and healthy Certified Organic

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