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Bumble Bee Snack on the Run Chicken Salad with Crackers Kit, Ready to Eat, Spoon Included – Shelf Stable & Convenient… Price: $5.67 (as of 10/04/2023 15:52 PST- Details)

BUMBLE BEE CHICKEN SALAD SNACK ON THE RUN: A perfect, convenient on-the-go meal solution that does not require any preparation.
CHICKEN: Pack of 3, 3.5-ounce snack kits with chicken salad and crackers. These canned chicken snack kits are essential groceries and pantry items. They’re convenient and high protein snacks
PROTEIN: Great-tasting and high in protein



Flavor-Chicken Salad MultiBUMBLE BEE Pack

It’s possible! Snack On The RunWith Chicken SaladIt is a quick, tasty, and smart snack that can be taken with you wherever you are. Crackers KitA convenient kit doesn’t require any preparation. ThisAll you need to do is open the package and enjoy the spoon and crackers. BUMBLE BEE is dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle through delicious, nutritious food. AllBUMBLE BEE WithOn the SnackIt’s possible! RunYou’re ready for anything, no matter where your busy schedule takes you. KitsCheck out all 11 delicious flavors available in our BUMBLE BERE BeOn the SnackIt’s possible! Run.Kits
BUMBLE BEE CHICKEN SNACKON THE RUN: An easy, on-the-go meal option that doesn’t require much preparation.

Three 3.5-ounce snack boxes with chicken salad, crackers and crackers. PackCanister chicken snack kits are essential groceries. TheseHigh protein, convenient snacks
PROTEIN: They’reHigh in protein and flavor
CHICKEN SALAD GreatThis delicious chicken salad is served with the included crackers! SpreadEnjoy the contents of the box by opening it.
StarKist’s BUMBLE BEE Snack On The Run: A great tasting alternative for other StarKist products SimplyThese are great alternatives to beef jerky snacks Tuna Creations Field Trip

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