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Bundle of Kids Fun Candy 48oz Pack for Party Bags, Gifts, and Office Snacks


When you think of a party for kids, this is your best choice because the best brands are in this package
Thinking of sweet snacks for kids, create your party decorations with this variety candy pack
Snacks for the family trip, camping, beach; keep every one of the team members stocked with candy.


WhenThis package is the best option if you are thinking of a party for children. It includes the best brands.
ThinkingThis candy pack contains sweet treats for children. Make your party decorations with this assortment of candy packs
SnacksFor the family trip, camping, or beach, make sure everyone is stocked up with candy.
FunSize candy includes: Skittles. Sour Patch. Swedish Fish. Haribo. StarburstAnd many more
EveryEach item is individually wrapped in the packaging provided by the manufacturer.

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