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Bush’s Dark Red Kidney Beans are dark, full-bodied beans that offer a hint of sweetness to create perfectly balanced flavor
Bring plant-based protein, fiber and flavor to your favorite recipes with Bush’s Variety Beans
Naturally gluten-free and cholesterol-free


Style:Dark Red Kidney | Size:1Pound (Pack of 1)

Used in(*) and much of southern New Orleans for the traditional Louisiana dish of red beans and rice, there’s no question red kidney beans have a rich historyIn the Monday Creole. United StatesWe are here at WellIt is possible to learn a lot from rich histories and ancient traditions. Bush’sWe think BUSH’S is the best choice for dark and full-bodied beans with a hint sweet. And. Dark Red Kidney BeansA perfectly balanced flavor is also a great addition for any chili, rice, or salad recipe.TheThese beans are full-bodied, dark brown and have a slight sweetness that creates a perfectly balanced flavor.

Bush’s Dark Red Kidney BeansPlant-based protein, fiber, and flavor for your favorite recipes BringGluten-free and cholesterol free
A pantry staple with 8g plant-based protein per serving and 5g fiber (19% DV).
Bush’s Variety Beans
NaturallyRecyclable steel cans

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