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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 50g(1.76 Oz.), Organic Butterfly Pea Tea Pure and Premium Dried Flower Blue Tea & Purple Tea…


🌸 THAI ORGANIC – 100% Pure & Premium butterfly pea flowers are CHEMICAL-FREE, NON-GMO, NONTOXIC, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, FRESHLY PACKAGED Sourced from Thailand.
🌸 NATURAL FOOD PLANT PIGMENTS – Mix with acid water is purple, mix with alkaline water appears blue, ideal natural food colorant. Great for mixing into your favorite drinks, foods, anything baked, And More!
🌸 HERBAL SUPPLEMENT KEEP YOUR HEALTH AND BEAUTY- containing FLAVONOIDS AND PEPTIDES, memory enhancement, reduce your stress, Anti-depressant, Anti-anxiety, drive away your unhappy!


🌸THAI ORGANIC 100% Pure? PremiumButterfly pea flowers are CHEMICAL FREE, NON-GMO and NONTOXIC. Gluten Free. Caffeine Free. Sugar Free. Vegan, FRESHLY PACKAGED SourcedFrom Thailand.
🌸NATURAL FOOD PLANT PIGMENTS MixMix acid water with alkaline water to get purple. This is a natural food colorant. GreatMix into your favorite drinks, foods, or anything baked. And MoreYou can!
🌸HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS KEEP YOU HEALTHY AND BEAUTY- containing FLAVONOIDS and PEPTIDES, memory enhancement, stress reduction Anti-depressant Anti-anxiety, drive away your unhappy!
🌸SPECIAL DRINK – UsedUse it as a blue addition to dishes, cakes, cocktails and other foods. MustYou can be happy at any event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or holiday.
🌸MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – WeWe stand behind our high-quality products. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. IfIf our butterfly tea doesn’t meet your expectations, please let me know and I will happily refund you full price!

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