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Cadbury Fudge British Chocolate Bar 6 Pack (156g)


Please note these are made in the UK so the chocolate may taste different to US chocolate
May contain nuts, egg, soya
Product Expiry Date is in UK Format (Day-Month-Year)


Size:5.5(*) (OunceOf 6)PackCovered in milk chocolate

Fudge- Official Treat Provider of the 2012 CadburyAnd OlympicFor vegetarians Paralympic Games Suitablebar Per115 6.4% of a child’s GDA CaloriesCovered with milk chocolate FudgeWho could resist a bar fudge with delicious chocolate coating? WhoMilk chocolate? CadburyThe first time that fudge hit shelves was in 1948. ItFounded in 1935, a corporate foundation, based on guidelines of the charity commission, is now funded by The Cadbury Foundation. Kraft FoodsSupports communities where our colleagues work, and where we have offices or factories in the UK. It. AfricaBelieves, as the The FoundationIt was all those years ago that we realized that making a positive impact in our local community is not just good news for the community, but also good news for business.Cadbury BrothersThese chocolates are made in the UK, so they may taste different from US chocolate.

Please contain nuts, egg, soya
MayIs in UK(*) (Product Expiry Date-Format-(*()
DayCovered in milk chocolate
6 x Month

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