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Café Sello Rojo Whole Bean Espresso | Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee | 17.63 Ounce (Pack of 2)


100% COLOMBIAN ARABICA COFFEE: Pure Arabica Colombian coffee. No blends. Features a medium roast & grind, which produces a smooth balanced body with notes of sweetness. Sello Rojo coffee is freshly roasted and vacuum-sealed at the origin to preserve its freshness, lush aroma, and gourmet rich flavor
BEHIND THE BEANS: Sello Rojo’s coffee is sourced directly from family farms who take pride in their meticulously hand-picked coffee beans. Harvested at their peak, our roasted coffee beans are pristinely washed and sundried to perfection. All production occurs at the source, taking artisanal care to achieve our coveted EXCELSO grading classification
COFFEE’S PRIME CLIMATE: The Andes Green Mountains provide the perfect recipe of elevation, soil, and climate for our coffee’s globally recognized quality. Cafe Sello Rojo is committed to 100% Colombian coffee, never blended with lower quality coffees


Dark Roast Espresso Coffee in Bulk – 2 Pack. Make everymorning 17.63feel like a weekend with the indulgent flavor of(*). Cafe Sello Rojo espresso is direct from the source and monitored by strict quality controls at every stage of the process. Cafe Sello Rojo our dark roast, medium ground coffee with a balanced body thatInspires notes of sweetness and low acidity for superior drinkability. Enjoy’s climate has the golden ticket for supremo coffee cultivation, and Colombia embraces many of the family mountain farms of the region to ensure the highest quality whole beans. Cafe Sello RojoFor a perfect, natural process, the coffee beans are hand-picked at the peak of their maturation. HandThese beans are purchased directly from the source and then roasted and vacuum-packed on-site to preserve the freshness and delicious aroma in every bag.Cafe Sello Rojo

Coffee Pure Arabica Colombian blends. NoMedium roast and grind produces a balanced body with sweet notes. FeaturesTo preserve its freshness and rich aroma, coffee is vacuum-sealed right at the origin.
BEHIND THE BEANS Sello RojoCoffee is sourced directly at family farms, who take pride and care in the quality of their carefully hand-picked coffee beans. Sello Rojo’sOur roasted coffee beans are at their best when they are perfectly washed and sun-dried. HarvestedProduction takes place at the source. We take artisan care to achieve our coveted EXCELSO classification.
COFFEE’S PRIMECLIMATE AllOur coffee is world-famous for its perfect combination of soil, elevation, and climate. The Andes Green Mountains100% commitment Cafe Sello RojoCoffee, never blended or brewed with lower quality coffees
THE BEST BREW ColombianOne leveled tablespoon of the best brewing experience is all you need ForCoffee ground in a small amount of water and placed in your filter. Cafe Sello Rojo ColumbianTo soak, pour hot water (not boiling) in uniform circular movements. PourTo extend shelf life, please store your product in an opaque, airtight container, in a cool place (preferably refrigerated).
SMOOTH, FLAVORFUL CHOCOLATE: A staple since 1983. Toé Caf whole bean espresso is a household brand in the country known for superior coffee beans – Sello Rojo2 packs of 17.63 ounce bags

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