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Cap’N Crunch Breakfast Cereal, Original, 1.51oz Individual Cups (12 Pack)


Captain Crunch cereal in a convenient cup you can enjoy at home, at the office, or on-the-go. Includes 12 individual cups
Delicious crunchy sweetened cereal made with corn and oats
A source of 7 essential vitamins and mineral


PackIt is the secret to delicious mornings.

Cap’n Crunch Original CerealSweetened corn and oatmeal biscuits are delicious. The cereal is low-fat and contains seven essential vitamins. WithCombine it with low-fat milk and a portion of fruit and you have a balanced breakfast. It’s quick and easy to prepare, and even more convenient if you are short on time. PairOriginal flavor is a timeless favorite, and a favourite of children and young adults alike.ThisYou can enjoy cereal in a convenient cup that you can use at home, at work, or on the go.

Captain Crunch12 individual cups
IncludesSweetened cereal made with corn and oatmeal
7 essential vitamins, and mineral sources
DeliciousIt is easy to prepare
ConvenientIn fat

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