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Cap’n Crunch Breakfast Cereal, Original, 14oz Boxes (4 Pack)


Deliciously sweetened crunchy corn and oats breakfast cereal
A source of 7 essential vitamins and minerals
Convenient and easy to prepare



The. Captain CrunchEnjoy a bowl of this delicious, sweetened corn and oat cereal to start your day with a smile. You’llA great source of seven vital vitamins and minerals, it is low in fat and contains zero calories. It’sServing size: 1 gram of trans fat GramFor a nutritious, easy-to-prepare and healthy breakfast, combine it with low-fat milk and fresh fruits or a glass full-fat juice.ServeSweetened crunchy corn and oats for breakfast cereal
7 essential vitamins and mineral sources

DeliciouslyEasy to prepare
ConvenientIn fat
Low4 (14oz.) boxes IncludesN Cap’Cereal
Crunch Crunch

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