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Certified Organic Granulated Maple Sugar- Made from Pure Maple Syrup


CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY NOFA-NY, LLC: Organic certification guarantees third-party inspection, use of food grade equipment, proper cleaning methods, and extensive record keeping.
EASY TO USE: Substitute maple sugar in a 1:1 ratio for other sugars in your recipe or use this in your coffee or oatmeal to add a maple flavor to your morning.
PURE MAPLE SUGAR: Made by removing additional water from maple syrup, granulated maple sugar has no additives; it is pure maple syrup in another form


Size:Half Pound

PerfectThis can be used in cooking as an all-natural substitute for cane sugar. PackagedIt is stored in a convenient, removable barrier pouch.
ToMake Granulated Sugar. Pure Maple SyrupBoil the syrup at a temperature higher than boiling syrup to remove excess water and concentrate the syrup. ItOnce cool, stir to allow the larger crystals of sugar to form. Granulated SugarThey will last indefinitely when stored.
Sterling Valley Maple’s Maple Granulated SugarIs Certified OrganicThrough NOFANY, LLC.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY NOFANY, LLC OrganicCertification ensures third-party inspection and the use of food grade equipment.
EASY TO USE: SubstituteMaple sugar should be used in a 1:1 ratio with other sugars.
Pure Maple Sugar: MadeGranulated maple sugar is maple syrup without the addition of water.
ARTISINALLY PRODUCED WITH SMALL BATCHES CraftedTo ensure superior taste, small batches are made by three generations working together. Sterling Valley Maple products are made with a respect for the tradition of maple syrup’s long history.
A BLENDED OF ART & SCIENCE: Traditional wood-fired evaporators bring out the natural maple flavors. The latest scientific methods are employed to ensure sustainability, safety, efficiency, and safety.

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