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ChocZero™ 70% Dark Chocolate, Sugar free, Low Carb. No Sugar Alcohol, No Artificial Sweetener, All Natural, Non-GMO – (6…


Fair-trade premium cocoa beans, delicious taste!
Sugar free, no sugar alcohols, and no artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with our exclusive monk fruit and fiber blend.
Low carb: only 1g net carbs per serving! Perfect for keto lifestyle and other low carb diets.


Flavor Name:70%Dark Chocolate | Size:0.35(*) (Ounce(of 60).PackChocZero: All the best in premium chocolate…and sugar-free!

ChocZero uses fair trade premium cocoa beans, which are carefully roasted to retain their flavor. Then, we sweeten it with our special monk fruit blend that does not contain sugar alcohols.

End result is a chocolate with all the flavor of artisan chocolates but without any regret. TheChocZero

The StoryAs a small business that specializes in sugar-free chocolate, we knew the path to making artisanal chocolate would be twice so difficult.

AsWe chose to continue to do it anyway, believing that sugar reduction is the future and it’s time for healthy alternatives. ButChocolate contains no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. There is no soy. OurYour health is important, and so are your tastebuds. So why not sacrifice?Your-trade premium cocoa beans, delicious taste!

FairNo artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or other sugars. SugarWith our unique monk fruit fiber blend
SweetenedCarb: Only 1g net carbs a serving LowFor keto lifestyle and other low-carb diets.
Perfect natural, non-GMO, gluten free. AllProudly in the USA

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