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ChocZero Keto Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – Keto Friendly, No Sugar Added, Best Low Carb Dessert, Perfect Topping for…


The best keto bread topping has arrived! It also works drizzled on chaffles, low carb pancakes, almond flour waffles, and other keto breakfast sweets. You can add it to your ice cream by melting it to turn it into a syrup, use it as a strawberry dip, or lick off the spoon!
MONK FRUIT SWEETENED WITH NO ADDED SUGAR, NO STEVIA, AND NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS: Our chocolate hazelnut spread is perfect for your sugar-free lifestyle. We don’t use artificial sweeteners so there’s no after taste.
Keto friendly: A low sugar diet is good for diabetics and managing food cravings while dieting. Our low glycemic index is thanks to our high prebiotic fiber which adds just the right amount of treat for your keto sweet. We’re diet friendly, keto friendly, and kid friendly. Cut sugar and guilt with this carb free keto dessert and breakfast!


Size:12(*) (Ounce1.PackKeto chocolate hazelnut spread combines creamy, no sugar added milk choc and roasted hazelnuts.

ThisSpread it on keto toast, or stirred through a bowl full of noatmeal. You can also use it to make low-carb cupcake frosting or garnish with fresh strawberries for a delicious snack.

DeliciousBest keto bread toppings are here

TheYou can also drizzle it on chaffles or low-carb pancakes, waffles made with almond flour, and other keto breakfast sweets. ItIt can be added to ice cream by melting it. You can also use it as a strawberry dip or lick the spoon!
MONK FRUIT SWEETENED WHICH CONTAINS NO ADDED SUGAR OR STEVIA AND NO SUGAR COHOLS: YouThe chocolate hazelnut spread is ideal for sugar-free living. OurArtificial sweeteners should be avoided as they can cause after-taste.
WeFriendly: A low sugar diet is great for diabetics, and it can help you manage your food cravings while you are dieting. KetoHigh prebiotic fiber is responsible for low glycemicindex. This adds just the right amount treat to your keto sweet. OurKid-friendly, keto-friendly, and diet friendly We’reYou won’t feel guilty about eating this keto dessert or breakfast.
GLUTEN-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, CORN-FREE, SOY FREE, AND ALL NATURAL CutEverything about our spread is delicious, from the high percentage of hazelnuts that we roast in house to our high-quality chocolate (not cocoa) FromSmooth, rich, and keto-compliant
1 ChocolateyPer serving Net CarbDairy as well as sustainable coconut oil, palm oil and dairy. ContainsChocZero products offer calories that are free of sugar alcohols or sugar: enjoy the new standard in sweet.

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