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ChocZero Syrup Variety Pack. Sugar-free, Low Carb, No Preservatives. Thick and Rich. No Sugar Alcohol, Gluten-Free. 3…


Try out ChocZero’s zero sugar syrups in a trio pack: chocolate, caramel, and the ultimate breakfast staple Maple.
Consistency of real maple syrup without any sugar at all. A rich, fudge-like chocolate syrup. Then finally a subtle caramel to highlight any dessert or use in cooking to caramelize.
Low net carbs (1g net carb per serving). ZERO sugar. No preservatives. No sugar alcohols, non-GMO, and all natural. Sweetened ONLY with monk fruit.


Caramel:Maple12(*) (

Size(3)The human body doesn’t believe syrup should be primarily made of water. OunceYet, that’s what most companies do with preservatives and other additives. PackChocZero

UnlikeLine, we’ve created a syrup that you trust with an ingredient list that you can pronounce. AndOur rich chocolate to our creamy caramel to our warm maple pecan, this bundle has it all. WithIt’s all natural and free of preservatives.Honest SyrupChocZero’s zero-sugar syrups are available in a trio pack. They include chocolate, caramel, as well as the ultimate breakfast staple. From.
WithMaple syrup made from real maple syrup with no sugar. A rich, chocolate syrup with fudge-like characteristics.

TryFinally, a subtle caramel to highlight any dessert.
MapleNet carbs: 1g net carb per meal Zero sugar. ConsistencyPreservatives ThenAll natural sugar alcohols, including non-GMO and sugar alcohols. LowOnly with monk fruit
NoRich: We don’t believe syrup should be thin and watery, so we use fiber instead of water to make thick syrup.

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