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Classic Flavors 2 LB | Gourmet Fudge | The Best Copper-Kettle Fudge | Desserts and Candy | Holiday Gifts 2 LB


Belgian Chocolate | Belgian Chocolate Walnut | Chocolate Peanut Butter | Double Chocolate | Maple Walnut | Penuche | Sea Salt Caramel | Pecan Turtle
PREMIUM, DELICIOUS FUDGE | This is the best Copper-Kettle Fudge around. We’re a family company and have refined our Recipe to make Creamy, Smooth fudge that you and your family will love.
GOURMET TASTE, NO GRIT | The fudge is Exceptionally Smooth and Creamy which you can Immediately tell the Difference from Normally Gritty Fudge.


OurGourmet fudge is creamy and smooth, unlike other fudges that are usually gritty. OurFudge has a better taste, texture and consistency than any other fudge option on the market. OurFudge is made from copper kettles and stirred together with maplewood paddles. AllWe use only the best ingredients, even imported. BelgianChocolateWe’reWe are proud to be a family business and offer the best products possible. AllVariations will be shipped in a flat rate USPS box.

Belgian Chocolate|Belgian Chocolate Walnut|Chocolate Peanut Butter|Double Chocolate| Maple Walnut | Penuche | Sea Salt Caramel | Pecan Turtle
PREMIUM, DELICIOUS FUDGE | ThisThe best Copper-Kettle FudgeAround. We’reWe are a family business and have refined our company’s capabilities. RecipeTo make Creamy. SmoothFudge that your family will enjoy.
| TheFudge is Exceptionally SmoothAnd CreamyYou can. ImmediatelyTell the DifferenceFrom Normally Gritty Fudge.
| Blue Moose FudgeIs MadeFrom the Finest IngredientsIncluded Imported Belgian Chocolates. Pure Cane SugarAnd Pure Vanilla Extract. FromOur incredible Peanut Butter FudgeTo StrawberryOr Blueberry CheesecakeTo(*) de Dulce (Leche.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE| PenucheWe know you will love our products and are here to support them. WeIf you are not satisfied with our products, we will replace it or refund your money.

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