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Clemente Plain Friselle Italian Snacks 10 Oz Bag – 2 pack


Plain Friselle are crispy Italian Snacks – 2 pack
Made With All Natural Ingredients
Friselle can be enjoyed with cheese, fruits, wines, and with coffee


Clemente Plain FriselleThese breads are hearty and crispy, and can be baked twice. TheyAs a bruschetta, it can be served with olive oil, fresh garden tomatoes, and seasonings. TheyThey are a wonderful addition to a soup, salad, or other dish. FriselleMade with flour, water, soy and salt.

Plain FriselleAre crispy Italian Snacks2 packs
Made With All Natural Ingredients
FriselleCan be enjoyed with cheeses, fruits, wines, or coffee
GreatFor Bruschetta

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