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Clemente Plain Friselle Italian Snacks 10 Oz Bag – 4 pack


Plain Friselle are crispy Italian Snacks – 4 pack
Made With All Natural Ingredients
Friselle can be enjoyed with cheese, fruits, wines, and with coffee


Clemente Plain FriselleTwo-baked breads that are both crispy and hearty. TheyCan be served with fresh garden tomatoes, olive oils, and seasonings as a bruschetta. TheyThey are a wonderful addition to a soup, salad, or other dish. FriselleMade with flour, water, soy and salt.

Plain FriselleAre crispy Italian Snacks- 4 Pack
Made With All Natural Ingredients
FriselleYou can enjoy it with cheese, fruits and wines, as well as with coffee
GreatFor Bruschetta

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