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Compleat Organic Blends Plant Based, 10.1 fl oz Pouch, 24 Count


Real Food Served With Love: We know that you want the best for your family, including orgainc, real food tube feeding formulas with complete nutrition, the result of our team’s dedication to providing nutritional support to the tube feeding community
Complete Nutrition: A blend of organic whole foods plus vitamins and minerals so that you or your loved one’s complete nutritional needs are met
Organic Blends: Compleat Organic Blends are the first and only organic, real food tube feeding formulas that provide complete nutrition through a combination of fruits, vegetables and chicken



Plant Blend BasedFor Adult Nutritional Information:GlutenAnd LactoseNo artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners Size: 10.1 fl oz (300 mL)380-Calories0g-AddedSugars19gProtein MadeA variety of organic whole foods, including sweet potato, brown rice, blueberries and kale, can be blended into organic whole foods, such as pear, sweet potato, brown rice, brown rice, and blueberries.Organic. Non-GMO*NoArtificial colors, flavors, or sweetenersNo sugar added**LactoseFree, Gluten-FreeNoIngredients made from soy or milk products. Fiber provided by fruits, vegetables and grains to support normal bowel function. Provides approximately 3 cups equivalents of fruits, vegetables, and grains in 1000 mLNutritionally complete formula for tube feeding or can be consumed orally as a savory beverage*USDA certified organic products are non-GMO**ThisThis product is not low calorie or low calorie. PleaseSee nutrition facts panel to find out more about sugar and calorie contents.

Real Food Served With Love: WeYou know that you want the very best for your family. Our team is dedicated to providing nutritional support to tube feeding communities.
Complete Nutrition: A combination of organic whole foods and vitamins and minerals to ensure your loved one receives all the nutrition they need.
Organic Blends: Compleat Organic BlendsThe only organic, real-food tube feeding formulas that provide complete nutrition via a combination from fruits, vegetables, and chicken are the first and only.
4 Great Formulas: Compleat Organic BlendsYou can choose from 4 fantastic formula blends to provide more variety in your daily diet. Plant BasedOr Chicken Garden Blend BasedFor AdultsAnd Plant Based PediatricOr Chicken Garden Blend Based Pediatric
Compleat Organic Blends: Contains nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and chicken. It also contains vitamins and minerals to meet age-appropriate requirements. Daily Reference Intake per complete feeding; TryIf you’ve ever used Functional Formularies. Kate Farms, Real Food Blends

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