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Coombs Family Farms Maple Stream Sprayable Maple Syrup Organic Grade A, Amber Color, 7 Fl Oz


MAPLE STREAM EASE: The whole family will love Coombs Family Farms new maple stream packaging. Mess free, versatile, and fun for everyone, this organic maple syrup is easy to use for breakfast, toppings, recipes, grilling, and cocktails.
100% ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP: Coomb’s Family Farms makes high quality 100% organic Vermont maple syrup perfect for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and any other recipe. Harvested from ancient sugar maple trees and hand crafted using traditional, artisanal health spout taps, our syrup is a pantry staple.
GRADE A AMBER AND RICH FLAVOR: Known for its smooth, full-bodied flavor and warm amber hues, this distinctive grade A syrup is produced mid-season when the temperatures start to warm. Its unique and subtle flavor is most often used for table syrup and in coffee and tea.


Coombs Family Farms Maplestream is a delicious sprayable maple syrup that doesn’t leave any mess. Maplestream is ideal for children, parents, cooks and entertaining. There’sThere is nothing quite like the taste and aroma of maple syrup made from 100% organic maple syrup. Coomb’s Family FarmWe have a long tradition of producing the best. WithA maple flavor and color slightly darker than Golden/DelicateThis versatile grade A syrup can be used as a topping or added to teas and coffees. ItsSmooth maple flavor will enhance your favorite recipes with rich maple notes. EnjoyOur products are made with the confidence that you will enjoy the best gluten-free and nut-free products available. KosherMaple syrup that is certified can be purchased.

MAPLE STREAM EZY: TheEveryone will love it Coombs Family FarmsNew maple stream packaging MessThis organic maple syrup is versatile, free and fun for everyone. It can be used for breakfast, toppings and recipes, as well as for grilling and cocktails.
100% ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP Coomb’s Family FarmsProduces high quality 100% organic VermontMaple syrup is great for waffles and pancakes FrenchToast, or any other recipe. HarvestedOur syrup is made from sugar maple trees, and handcrafted using traditional, artisanal, health spout tappings. It is a pantry staple.
GRADE A AMBER & RICH FLAVOR KnownThis unique grade A syrup is distinguished by its smooth, full-bodied flavor, and warm amber colors. It is produced mid-season as temperatures begin to warm. ItsMost often, unique and subtle flavors are used in table syrups and in coffee and tea.
RESPONSIBLY RESOURCED Coombs Family FarmsSince seven generations, maple syrup has been made organically and great tasting. WeWe farm our own land, produce 100% Organic Maple Syrup and package our own maple products. CoombsWe also source maple syrup from more than 3,000 small, independent family farms that share our commitments to quality, environmental stewardship and sustainable forest management.
“A NATURAL FOOD”: This100% organic VermontMaple syrup is only harvested from non-pesticide farms. ContainingThis includes no artificial colors, preservatives or dyes. GradeA syrup is non GMO, gluten-free and nut-free. Kosher Certified.
PROTECT A WAY TO LIFE At Coombs Family FarmsWe support small family farms as we believe they provide more than just high-quality food. TheyYou can help to restore the lost feelings of connection, meaning, and purpose by giving us opportunities to play a greater role in determining the origins of the food we eat, how it is produced, as well as how it gets to our tables. SmallFarmers also help to preserve rural ecosystems and strengthen rural economies.

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